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Apply For A Grant

Please read through the Call for Proposals and the guidance information before submitting a Project Idea. Please check if you are eligible under the Strategic Grant Round and/or the Open Grant Round.


Round 32 is a STRATEGIC Grant Round -  applicants within the following ten priority countries may apply:

• China
• India
• Indonesia
• Bangladesh
• Pakistan
• Vietnam
• Philippines
• Brazil
• Ukraine
• Mexico

Applicants from Africa are encouraged to submit a brief inquiry with their name, email address and telephone number to the following email box:

We use an application system called 'Fluxx' to process project ideas. You will be required to have an account on Fluxx in order to submit an application, even if you have submitted an application to the Grants Program before.

If you have previously registered within Fluxx, you will not be required to re-register. Simply login with your username and password to submit your project idea application.

Please allow at least 2 working days before submitting your application to register as all registrations need to be reviewed and processed by our administrative staff. If you plan to submit an application and have not yet registered, we encourage you to start this registration process as early as possible. For further assistance, please review the "guidance" section below on how to register and/or submit an application through Fluxx.  


Call for Proposals in 5 languages

Call for Proposals (English pdf)

نداء لتقديم الاقتراحات (Arabic pdf) 

(Chinese pdf) 

Appel à Propositions (French pdf) 

Invitación Para Presentar Propuestas (Spanish pdf)


  • Getting Started: a step by step guide to submitting a project idea (pdf 112 Kb)
  • Fluxx Video Tutorial
  • Considerations of an effective proposal (pdf 85 Kb)
  • Budget Example for Project Ideas (xls 19Kb)


Application form template

Project Idea form (word 93KB)


Submit a Project Idea

Click here to submit a Project Idea via the online form

(Please note that there may be a slight delay for the online form to upload onto your web browser)

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