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Please read through the Call for Proposals and the guidance information before submitting a Project Idea. Please check if you are eligible under the Strategic Grant Round and/or the Open Grant Round.


Call for Proposals in 5 languages

Call for Proposals (English pdf)

نداء لتقديم الاقتراحات (Arabic pdf)

(Chinese pdf)

Appel à Propositions (French pdf)

Invitación Para Presentar Propuestas (Spanish pdf)


  • Getting Started: a step by step guide to submitting a project idea (pdf 112 Kb)
  • Considerations of an effective proposal (pdf 85 Kb)
  • Budget Example for Project Ideas (xls 19Kb)


Application form template

Project Idea form (word 103KB)


Submit a Project Idea

Click here to submit a Project Idea via the online form

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